Flagships - Putting the EUSBSR into practice

Flagships (Lighthouse projects) are inherently important in communicating the EUSBSR and profiling its objectives and actions amongst stakeholders and the wider public. As the collective operational arm of the EUSBSR, working to achieve the most important goals within its three objective areas (save the sea, connect the region, increase prosperity), Flagships find themselves on the frontline of EUSBSR communications, tasked to both inform and demonstrate desired changes across the macro-region.

Flagships by their design (requiring a clear transnational dimension, having cooperation between/or impact on at least three Baltic Sea Region states) provide the glue that binds Baltic stakeholders together in mutual action. Not only this, their impact is multiplied in instances where a Flagship is a ‘set of projects’ allowing communications to reach a whole range of people and institutions. In this way, Flagships make the EUSBSR relevant, tangible, and effective, both to those working within its structures, and to those impacted by their actions. It is for this reason that Flagship communication is so important, the EUSBSR’s credibility depends upon it.


Flagship title

Baltic Sea Tourism Center – Sustainable development structures for ACTIVE TOURISM


  1. set-up operational structures for sustainable tourism communication and cooperation at transnational level (BSTC service unit)
  2. investigate, develop and implement sustainable ACTIVE TOURISM products in the green and blue tourism market around cultural and natural heritage assets to extend the tourist season
  3. launch a smart international destination campaign in selected source markets to increase the number of international visitors to the SBR


  1. Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020
  2. Priority axis 2: Exploiting the environmental and cultural potential of the South Baltic area for the blue and green growth
  3. Specific objective 2.1: Increased development of the South Baltic area’s natural and cultural heritage assets into sustainable tourist destinations
  4. Total budget: EUR 1.502.935,50
  5. ERDF co-financing: EUR 1.245.738,68
  6. Own contribution: EUR 257.196,82
  7. Project duration: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2019


PP01 – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board (LP), DE
PP02 – Pomorskie Tourist Board, PL
PP03 – Danish Tourism Innovation - Visit East Denmark, DK
PP04 – Stralsund University of Applied Sciences: School of Business Studies – Baltic Management Studies, DE
PP05 – Association "Klaipėda region", LT

EUSBSR-related information

  1. Flagship status: completed
  2. PA Tourism support letter: N/A
  3. EUSBSR Action Plan PA Tourism contribution: sub-actions 1.1, 1.2, action 2.

EUSBSR Seed Money Projects

Until the beginning of 2016 EUSBSR related seed money was provided by the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility. In a total of four seed money rounds 97 projects were approved since 2013 among them six tourism projects a summary of which you find below. In 2016 EUSBSR seed money moved to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme and now is available under Interreg Baltic Sea Region: Apply for Funds.


ONGOING EUSBSR Seed Money Projects

To be announced

COMPLETED EUSBSR Seed Money Projects


Hanseatic Initiative to develop new packages and product offers for tourism growth PP01 – Business Development Corporation Lübeck | DE
PP02 – Lübeck Travemünde Marketing | DE
PP03 – Inspiration Gotland | SE
PP04 – Kaunas City Municipality | LT
PP05 – Gdansk Tourism Organisation | PL
EUR 39,720.00


Event tourism in the Baltic Sea Region based on stories, tradition and common cultural identity PP01 – Foundation for Landscape Protection | PL
PP02 – Westpomerania Region | PL
PP03 – Västerviks Museum | SE
PP04 – Tietgen Competency Center | DK
PP05 – University of Tartu | EE
EUR 50,000.00


Baltic Sea Tourism Center PP01 – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board | DE
PP02 – Ministry of Economics, Construction and Tourism Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | DE
PP03 – Visit East Denmark | DK
PP04 – Region Blekinge | SE
PP05 – Pomorskie Tourist Board | PL
 EUR 49,974.00


 Routes to the Baltic Maritime Heritage – Increasing visibility and accessibility PP01 – Landsort Maritime and Environmental Center | SE
PP02 – Polish Maritime Museum in Gdansk | PL
PP03 – MTÜ Halulaev | EE
PP04 – Tourism Office Rostock & Warnemünde, Bureau Hanse Sail | DE
PP05 – Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona | SE
PP06 – Hanse Association THE HANSE | DE
 EUR 49,628.00


Baltic Sea Country Style – Attract tourists to rural areas PP01 – University of Greifswald, Institute of Geography | DE
PP02 – NGO Estonian Rural Tourism | EE
PP03 – MTÜ Halulaev | EE
PP04 – Latvian Country Tourism Association | LV
PP05 – Norwegian Rural Tourism and Local Food | NO
PP06 – Polish Federation of Rural Tourism “Hospitable Farms” | PL
PP07 – Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association | LT
PP08 – Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority of Education | FI
EUR 49,963.00 


Programme of development of sport and outdoor event tourism in the BSR PP01 – Polish Union of Active Mobility | PL
PP02 – International Sport and Culture Association | DK
PP03 – Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences| FI
EUR 49,995.00