Steering Committee

Page 13 of the EUSBSR Action Plan1 defines the tasks of Policy Area Coordinators. They should facilitate the involvement of and cooperation with relevant stakeholders from the entire macro-region (…). More specifically, it says that [f]or this purpose, a steering committee/coordination group should be set-up and chaired by the policy area coordinator(s). A group should be composed of representatives of all Member States and other Baltic Sea region states, when relevant, as well as experts in the area concerned. It’s up to members of [the] group to decide on internal rules of the steering committee. The group should meet at least twice a year and support policy area coordinator(s) in [the] implementation of the tasks referred.

Policy area tourism founded their Steering Group in 2013. The internal rules, i.e. objectives, fields of action and procedures are laid down in the Terms of Reference.

1 European Commission (2015), European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region – Action Plan {COM(2009) 248}, Commission Staff Working Document, SWD (2015) 177 final, Brussels.



Country Name Institution Function E-Mail
Denmark Ms. Eva Thybo Visit Denmark Business Development Manager

Denmark Mr. Bo Schou Lauridsen German National Tourist Board Regional Manager North Eastern Europe, Director Denmark

Denmark Mr. Ulrik Andersen German National Tourist Board Trade Manager

Estonia Ms. Annika Anton Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Executive Officer

Finland Ms. Hanna-Mari Kuhmonen Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Senior Specialist

Finland Ms. Terhi Hook Business Finland /Visit Finland Development Manager

Latvia Ms. Inese Sirava Investment and Development Agency of Latvia  Director

Latvia Ms. Inguna Zigure Investment and Development Agency of Latvia Leading Marketing Project Manager

Lithuania Ms. Lidija Bajarūnienė The Ministry of Economics and Innovation Chief Official, Tourism Policy Division

Poland Mr. Karol Biedrzycki Ministry of Sport and Tourism Councellor to the Minister

Sweden Ms. Anna Niklasson Ministry of Enterprice and Innovation Deputy Director, Coordinator for Tourism Policy

Sweden Ms. Erika Rosander Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth Tourism Coordinator and development manager

Germany Ms. Andrea Krabbe Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Policy Area Tourism Coordinator

Germany Ms. Friederike-S. Maasch Tourist Board Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Co-coordinator Policy Area Tourism

EU Commission Ms. Joanna Mouliou European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Unit D1 Program Manager EU Policies



Dates and Venues

2020-10-15 Online
2019-11-12 Brussels, Belgium
2019-06-25 Stockholm, Sweden
2019-03-19 Copenhagen, Denmark
2018-11-13 Riga, Latvia
2018-06-04 Tallinn, Estonia
2017-11-01 Turku, Finland
2017-06-12 Berlin, Germany
2016-10-19 Pärnu, Estonia
2016-06-10 Copenhagen, Denmark
2016-04-27 Rostock, Germany
2015-09-22 Gdansk, Poland
2015-06-15 Jurmala, Latvia
2015-03-05 Berlin, Germany



  • New Policy Area Coordinator for Tourism - Ms. Andrea Krabbe
  • Continuation of workshop serial  on "Tourism Cooperation in the BSR"
  • Seed money project "RESTinBSR" approved by Interreg MA/JS
  • Seed money project "Baltic Digi Tours" approved by Interreg MA/JS
  • Seed money project "BalticBlueMarinas" approved by Interreg MA/JS
  • Approval of new EUSBSR Action Plan
  • Revision of EUSBSR PA Tourism Action Plan anddefinition of 3 new Actions
  • Iniciation of Project Exchange Meeting serial on "Tourism Cooperation in the BSR"
  • Pre-selection of 4 EUSBSR Seed money applications
  • Update of PA Tourism website
  • Production of new PA Tourism leaflets
  • Completion of Flagship BSTF