Project exchange meeting on "Tourism cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region" at the museum of the Palanga Resort (Lithuania)

Exchange meeting in Palanga (Lithuania) Show details
Exchange meeting in Palanga (Lithuania)
Exchange meeting in Palanga (Lithuania)
Exchange meeting in Palanga (Lithuania)
Nr.67  | 08.01.2020  | PA Tourism  | EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Tourism

The second workshop of PA Tourism's project exchange meeting serial around the BSR took place in Lithuania (Palanga) on 22 Novemeber 2019.

The event was organized by the Palanga Tourism Information Center, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and Klaipėda region together with PA Tourism.

The aim of these meetings is to promote the exchange of experiences among local partners in each BSR member state, to get an overview of the current implementation statuses and planned activities in the projects and to derive future topics as Flagships for the EU Baltic Sea Strategy (EUSBSR).

Presentations can be found here:

Andrea Krabbe, Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health MV: Policy Area Tourism

Dalia Baziuke, Klaipėda State University of Applied Science: FOCUS

Eglė Hidri, Klaipėda State University of Applied Science: SB WELL

Friederike-S. Maasch, PA Tourism: Seed Money Call

Kristina Martinkute, Association Klaipeda Region: BSTC

Mindaugas Surblys: Projects implemented by Palanga Toursim Information Center

Rasa Grubliauskytė, Klaipeda District Municipality Administration: Clean Brownfields

Rūta Stankuvienė, Šiauliai Tourism Information Center: Balts' Road