Hearing to Forum Declaration 2017

Nr.48  | 10.11.2017  | EUSBSR  | EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Tourism

At the BSTF in Turku PAC Tourism presented the draft to this year´s forum declaration. All participants and partners of the forum are invited to comment, add, discuss etc. Please send your thoughts and opinions to Ms Andrea Krabbe (a.krabbe@wm.mv-regierung.de).


Forum Declaration Draft (PDF, 0,15 MB)
adopted by the 10th BALTIC SEA TOURISM

Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

infobox_baltic-sea-tourism-forum.jpg (External link: go to www.balticseatourism.net)

10th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2-3 November 2017, Turku

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EU Funding for the Tourism Sector

eu-funding-2.jpg (Internal link: go to funding)

Guide on EU Funding for the Tourism Sector 2014-2020

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Sustainability in Tourism

Czolpino on a beach, Poland © Krzysztof Karabon / EUSBSR (Internal link: Go to current activities)

Promoting a sustainable development of the sector

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Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda

Sailboat on the Baltic Sea © Peter Dam / EUSBSR (Internal link: Go to current activies)

Developing an implementation strategy for the agenda

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