Two tourism projects approved in 4th EUSBSR seed money round

Nr.31  | 02.03.2016  | EUSBSR  | EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Tourism

During the 4th EUSBSR seed money round, which was closed on 18 February 2016, 28 out of 45 seed money project applications were approved. Among them are two out of three tourism projects which have received support from PA Tourism during the application phase. Congratulations to the projects and their partners.

The projects will now use their seed money in order to develop main projects, which qualify for application in one of the EU funding programmes.



Project title

Lead partner

Project partners

co-financing   (Euros)


Event tourism in the Baltic Sea Region based on stories, tradition and common cultural identity


(1) PL – Foundation for Landscape Protection

(2) PL – Westpomerania Region

(3) SE – Västerviks   Museum

(4) DK – Tietgen   Competency Center

(5) EE – University of Tartu




Hanseatic Initiative to develop new packages and product offers for tourism growth

(1) DE – Business Development Corporation Luebeck Ltd.

(2) DE – Luebeck Travemuende Marketing

(3) SE – Inspiration Gotland

(4) LT – Kaunas City Municipality

(5) PL – Gdansk Tourism Organisation




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Sustainability in Tourism

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Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda

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