EUSBSR Seminar and PAC/HAC Meeting with National Coordinators in Warsaw

Nr.29  | 14.12.2015  | PA Tourism  | EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Tourism

On 10-11 December 2015 the Polish Chair of National Coordinators invited the EUSBSR community to the EUSBSR Seminar “Positive Change in the Baltic Sea region – How far have we gone and why do we want to go on?” and a series of meetings of national coordinators, policy area and horizontal action coordinators as well as other stakeholders. PA Tourism participated in the seminar and introduced their work to national coordinators in the frame of a presentation. In particular, PA Tourism highlighted the next steps of implementation of the revised Action Plan in policy area tourism, but also called attention to specific issues which – according to PA Tourism – require a more intensified exchange, discussion and improvement: e.g. the question of selection of flagships and other projects for support within the EUSBSR (see below).

Among the most important points of discussion during the EUSBSR seminar where the new communication strategy, the alignment of funding and cooperation across funding programmes as well as questions related to how the implementation of the Strategy can be made more effective and efficient.