Fourth EUSBSR seed money call closed, 50 projects applied, among them three in PA Tourism

Nr.27  | 12.11.2015  | EUSBSR  | EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Tourism

The fourth call for EUSBSR seed money applications closed on 30 October 2015. In total, the Seed Money Facility (SMF) received 50 applications, 45 of which are technically qualified for further assessment. The projects contribute to 12 Policy Areas and two Horizontal Actions. The requested amount of funding allows support of approximately 28 projects. The project approval process will be finalised by the end of February 2016. According to the SMF, the next EUSBSR seed money call will take place in the frame of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

During the fourth seed money call, PA Tourism has supported three seed money applications from three different thematic fields of tourism via the issuing of a letter of support, which is necessary in order to apply for EUSBSR seed money:

“BALTIC STORIES”: Event tourism in the Baltic Sea Region based on stories, tradition and common cultural identity

“HIPPO”: Hanseatic Initiative to develop new packages and product offers for tourism growth

“SMART PILGRIM”: Sustainable tourism in rural areas along the Northern St. James Pilgrimage.

Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

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10th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2-3 November 2017, Turku

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EU Funding for the Tourism Sector

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Guide on EU Funding for the Tourism Sector 2014-2020

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Sustainability in Tourism

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Promoting a sustainable development of the sector

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Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda

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Developing an implementation strategy for the agenda

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