GERMANY | RostockBSTC Kick Off Meeting : The PA Tourism flagship „Baltic Sea Tourism Center“ officially kicks off on 20-21 February 2017 in Rostock.
27.02.2017LATVIA | JūrmalaExpert Meeting on Maritime Tourism in the BSR : s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH – on behalf of the European Commission – has invited tourism experts from around the Baltic Sea region to advance in the development of an implementation strategy for the EU Blue Growth Agenda for the BSR in interactive workshops. Expert views and a scoping paper prepared by s.Pro will serve as initial input to the meeting.
GERMANY | Berlin8th EUSBSR Strategy Forum : The 8th Strategy Forum 2017 will be organized by the German National Coordinator and will take place at the premises of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany in Berlin. The overall theme will relate to “CONNECTIVITY”. For more information read
8th Annual Forum of the Baltic Sea Region
FINLAND | Turku10th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2017 : Find out more on the official website of the BSTF
Baltic Sea Tourism Forum