SPORTOUR - Sport and outdoor event tourism

The main project intends to increase the capacity of the Baltic Sea Region countries, towns and cities to attract and host sport and outdoor events, which are seen as a lever of branding the region as a world class sustainable sport and outdoor event tourism destination. The pro-ject will embrace all forms of sport and outdoor event related tourism with high pan-Baltic quality standards. It will rely mainly on the strengths and experiences accumulated particularly in the western and north western countries of the Baltic Sea Region, which can be fruitfully adopted and transferred to the emerging market with significant potentials in the Central and Eastern BSR.

Seed money project partnership:

• Polish Union of Active Mobility (Lead Partner, PL)
• International Sport and Culture Association (DK)
• Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences (FI)

Seed money project’s total budget: 49,995.00 EUR

Mr Andrzej Piotrowicz;
Tel:  +48 502 200 559