COUNTRY STYLE - Developing rural tourism

The tourism infrastructure in the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea Region is well developed. The majority of tourists travelling to the region concentrate on the Baltic Sea coast and major cities. The main project aims to identify, develop and strengthen new cooperation structures for developing rural tourism in the region, based on offers, activities and products provided by regional stakeholders. This would enable tourists (especially repeaters) to follow the trend to discover something new and unique, local and authentic in the Baltic Sea Region. Further development of alternative tourism products would also relief the busy coastline and sea re-sorts.

Seed money project partnership

• Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board (Lead Partner, DE)
• University of Greifswald, Institute of Geography (DE)
• NGO Estonian Rural Tourism (EE)
• Latvian Country Tourism Association “Lauku Celotajs” (LV)
• Norwegian Rural Tourism and Local Food (NO)
• Polish Federation of Rural Tourism “Hospitable Farms” (PL)
• Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association (LT)
• Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority of Education (FI)

Seed money project’s total budget: 49,963.00 EUR

Mr Johannes Volkmar
Tel: +49 381 403 0663