The activities in Priority Area Tourism strongly depend on the coordinator, the lead partners of the flagship projects and the Steering Committee on “Tourism Policy in the Baltic Sea region” and their interaction with key tourism stakeholders. In the Action Plan, the roles and responsibilities of the various actors are defined:
It is the task of the priority area coordinator to involve and cooperate with relevant stakeholders from the entire macro-region. He acts as a central interface between the policy and the operational level by conveying the results and recommendations of on-going and completed flagship projects to the policy level. At the same time, he facilitates the development and implementation of actions and flagship projects defined under the priority area and ensures visibility and communication vis-à-vis the bodies in charge of EU programmes and relevant steakeholders. In addition, he also has to review the objectives and to report regularly to the European Commission on the progress made in the implementation of the priority area. In the case of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a mission statement complements the description of the role and responsibility in the Action Plan.

On the policy and strategic level, the coordinator is supported by the Steering Committee “Tourism Policy in the Baltic Sea region” which was established on 25th September 2013 in Ringsted. In the Steering Committee, representatives of the national tourism ministries in the EU Baltic Sea region countries are represented. In the Action Plan, the national tourism ministries are also designated as so called national „priority area focal points“. Their task is to serve as a liaison at national level for all matters regarding the priority area. In detail, this means that they should assist the priority area coordinator as to providing information and ensuring communication on activitivies in Priority Area Tourism and to give feed-back on relevant policy discussions, positions, and projects in their respective home country. Thus, the steering committee plays an important role in safeguarding a coherent implementation of Priority Area Tourism across the Baltic Sea region.
More information the Steering Committee:

Key partners of the coordinator are the lead partners of the flagship projects. They take actively part in the work of the priority area, e.g. in relevant meetings and conferences. The steering and promotion of the flagship project, and the reporting on the progress are their major tasks.


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