Action 1

Facilitate networking and clustering of tourism stakeholders

This networking action should include private businesses, non-governmental organisations, public authorities, and multilateral cooperation structures in the entire Baltic Sea region. To this effect, all existing tourism-related network initiatives should be utilised, including the annual Baltic Sea Tourism Forum (BSTF).

The implementation of this action requires a long-term approach and is primarily pursued at the level of the coordinator of Priority Area ”Tourism”. Close cooperation has been built up with relevant stakeholders, especially in relation to the BSTF. As a result of this cooperation, since 2012 the BSTF were, respectively are organised in cooperation with Priority Area ”Tourism”. This cooperation is done with a view to strengthen the BSTF and to establish it as a permanent forum for tourism cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Next to the practical level of tourism cooperation, a Steering Committee “Tourism Policy in the Baltic Sea region” has been established on 25th September 2013 in Ringsted. In the Steering Committee, representatives of the national tourism ministries in the EU Baltic Sea Region countries are represented. Its task is to support the implementation of Priority Area “Tourism” and to have an exchange on policy level of tourism cooperation.

In addition, cooperation with key stakeholders is further extended and intensified. Funding instruments like seed money facilities shall be used in order to elaborate the concept of a Baltic Sea Tourism Center and to build up a project pipeline out of which new flagship projects under Priority Area “Tourism” may develop.

Potential flagship project: