Routes to the Maritime Heritage

Project description

Landsort Maritime and Environmental Centre (LSMC) in Sweden has been developing the concept of Maritime Knowledge Centre, in collaboration with other organisations in the Baltic Sea region. The present project is an additional step towards implementing this concept. LSMC plans to strengthen a network of relevant organisations and identify the scope and focus of a flagship project application. The objectives are to form a flagship application to EU Seed Money Facility and in the long term, to implement the flagship project. The overall goal is to attract tourists to the BSR by promoting sustainable tourism and creating a network of relevant players.

Project duration: September 2013 - December 2013

Lead partner, contact person, website

Landsort Maritime and Environmental Centre (LSMC), Sweden

Roland Steen:

Project partners

Hanse Sail, Germany
Hansan organisation, Sweden, Germany
Halulaev, Estonia
Polish Maritime museum, Poland
Karlskrona Maritime museum, Sweden

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